Gallery Cafe

     On the crowded street, you can lose yourself here!

     This is the great combination between original Thai restaurant and Traditional Thai massage. You can enjoy and absorb the real Thai atmosphere.





Nuad - Sa - Bai

     Thai massage is one of the four disciplines of traditional thai medicine, the others being herbalism, meditation and dietary contro. Related to oriental practies of body work such as chinese acupuncture, Indian Ayurveda and yoga.

     Thai massage works on the principle of maintaining the condition and the flow of the bodies vital through a network of channels known a Sen. Thai massage focuses on the muscosskeletal system (the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments) and the way in which it inter-relate with the body as a whole. It combines modern scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology with oriental medical disciplines. A number of gentle techniques using the feet, elbows and thumbs are applied to release tension and allow energy to flowfreely.