Pak Klong Talat (Flower and Vegetable Market)

     The Pak Klong Market ("Talat" means "market") is -mainly- a wholesale market for fruit and vegetables, but also a consumers market. The wholesale area is concentrated near the river. The market is on Chak Phet Street and in side-streets on both sides of it. If you are at Wat Pho, follow Maharaj Road with the Chao Phraya River on your right hand side. Walk up and down the market a few times. Do not forget the small streets at both sides and enjoy the best-smelling market in Bangkok

          The vegetable market too has a good smell. You can regard Pak Klong Talat as the "Covent Garden" or as "Les Halles" of Bangkok. This is indeed the main trading place for vegetables. Did you not forget to visit the riverside (to see the whosale area) and the building with a market inside? Then you can go on. The best choices from here are Wat Pho and the Grand Palace on one side and Chinatown and the Golden Buddha on the other side.