The City Pillar Shrine

     When King Rama I was invited to ascend the throne on 6th April, A.D. 1782 he moved the capital across the river from Thon Buri. He commanded Phraya Dhammadhikorn and Phraya Vichitnavi to build the capital city and the Grand Palace. The ceremony of the installation of the City Pillar was held on 21st April, A.D. 1782 at 6.54 a.m.

     The Pillar was made of the trunk of a Chaiyaphruk tree, in a hollow of which was placed the horoscope of the city. The Pillar stands 79 inches above ground level. It is lacquered and gilded.

     In the early times the shrine was an open pavilion to shelter the Pillar from sun and rain. There were no buildings nearby. Inside the City Pillar stood alone. It was left uncared for throughout several reigns. It was almost in ruin during the reign of King Rama VI. So the King erected it anew. At a ceremony in the temple of the Emerald Buddha the horo-scope of the city was newly inscribed on a sheet of gold. Then the pavilion with prang-top was built over the Pillar in the same manner as the old one at Ayutthaya.