Wat Phra Ram

     Wat Phra Ram is situated to the east of the Royal Palace. Wehave learnt from the Chronicle of Luang Prasert that King Ramesuan built it in 1369 A.D., on the site where the remains of the King of U-thong’s father, was cremated. As King Ramesuen reigned only for one year the building could not have been completed by him. King Boromaraja I must have helped or allowed others to help complete it or it might have been built during the second accession of King Ramesuen after the death of King Boromaraja I.Later, this temple was bad in repair. During thesucceeding reign it isunderstood that because the temple was near the Royal Palace it was restored and new buildings were added to it many times but not on a large scale. King boromatrailokanat, however, renovated the entire temple. The writer of another chronicle therefore had recorded that the king had actually built the temple. A large-acale renovation was again made to the temple in 1741 A.D. during the reign of King boromakot. There still remain in the temple things worth seeing such as a large prang (corncob-shaped chedi),with a cloister containing rows of stone images of the Buddha, many chedis and ruins of the walls and the viharn.

     At the front of the temple is a large swamp, which seems to have been in existence before the founding of the city, It was formerly called Nong Sano, and probably was smaller than it is at present. During the founding of the city,earth must have been dug out of it for levelling the sites of the Royal Palace, Wat Phra Mahathat, Wat Rajaburana and Wat Phra Ram and as a result it became much bigger. The swamp is known in the Code of Palace Laws as Bung Phra Pam. Now this whole swamp is planted with lotus and appears very beautiful during the flowering season of this plant.