The Chiang Mai Zoo

     Fun for the entire family at the Chiang Mai Zoo.

     The zoo started in the 1920's as the small private collection of an American missionary. When he retired he gave his zoo to the city. Since that time it has come a very long way and is now one of the finest zoos in Asia.

     Chiang Mai Zoo is situated on 531 rai of beautiful land in the foothills of Doi Sutep on the edge of the city. It houses over three hundred species of animal in a forested and natural environment. Within the grounds are two waterfalls, reservoirs, an open park, camping spots, animal breeding areas and little roads winding around the mountainside affording spectacular views of Chiang Mai City.

     Among recent arrivals is a troop of ten penguins - the first ever seen in Thailand - which were donated by Singapore Zoo. Gibbons, which are listed as the world's fourth most endangered species, are being bred successfully. Chayo, the baby elephant born at the time of the Leonid meteor shower and who became the symbol of the Bangkok Asian Games, is here with her mother.

     There are more than 6,000 animals in the zoo - 69 species of mammals, 311 of birds, 15 of reptiles and 60 of fresh water fish. The zoo prides itself on the natural conditions in which the animals are kept and also on the natural beauty of the whole area.

     Interesting and educational events for children and adults are constantly being arranged. At certain times of the year the zoo also opens up at night with special 'Night Zoo' sections. The zoo has become one of the most popular attractions in Chiang Mai for Thai and overseas families.

     The park is set in mountainous tropical rainforest and you can drive around the zoo by car. Chiang Mai Zoo is approximately 15 minutes drive from downtown. Open Daily from 08.00 - 18.00. The admission fee is Baht 30 for adults and Baht 5 for Children, Baht 30 to bring in a car and Baht 10 for a bicycle.